Getting a little closer.

Today, like every Monday, was my day off. I went to guitar center to shop for microphones for both podcasting, and recording. I went with the Shure sm57 because I can use it both to mic my bass amp as well as use it for vocals! I’m very excited. I plan on us using it in the coming Mondays as we begin to try vocal ideas.

My friend Lou and I have started a new podcast called Tip to Tip with Lou and Chris. Lou has had about 75 jobs so far in his life and the podcast, at least for 75 episodes will be about each of his jobs and a lot of funny stories about his experiences. Along with that comes our back and forth on his jobs as well as different events in both of our lives depending on the time period. Check it out on various audio platforms.

Today I also demoed a new idea for my as of now untitled bass project with the new mic and was very happy with the quality. Creatively, there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon. I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date talk soon. <3