Hi, My Name Is John.

I have a big update coming up complete with more pictures.

Right now, it's hard to not be working on music, what with David Bowie passing. Makes you realize that if you're not working towards your dreams, you're just wasting time..

Where Did The Year Go?

I'm really lost on that. How does time fly so quickly? Even when it comes to holidays, like Christmas - It's like, the exact same date every year, yet it always ends up sneaking up on me. I can't explain it.

I thirst..

I hunger..

I must stop this madness..

We've Got A Hellraiser.

So, lotsa things happening.

One of them is that Sam is 2 months old and is starting to use his crying abilities at full blast. Thankfully, he doesn't do it that often, but it sometimes gets to the point of deafening. I used to be one of those guys who would be like "Yeah, it's just crying - no big deal. That won't bother me.." but, here we are. It kinda throws you into a state of panic or a feeling I can only describe as one who accidentally opens the puzzle box from Hellraiser and realizing the repercussions of it.

.. Don't ask why I'm relating the cries of my child to a dimension of hell, because in reality, life is good and I've never been happier.

Getting Wiser.

So on July 5th, my lovely wife gave birth to our son - Samwise George Herlihy (that's his full name). So, for the past week, I've been getting used to having a baby around since I've never had one before. I was instantly swamped with dread and utter anxiety, but alas, it's been a week and he's not going anywhere. Nor am i, obviously. So, I guess he's stuck with me, huh?

By the way - I saw everything..! EVERYTHING!!! 

So, today is finally a day of rest, and music with the boys. But, I still wonder what that little gremlin is up to.

Also, a screaming baby can wake me up rather easily. Who woulda thunk it?

We're All Dead(line)!

There's a snake in my boot!

We are currently getting to the point where this album is coming to a close, and in just a few short months, we will be completing the goal that was set intentionally and stupidly by me. I find myself eagerly anticipating the completion of this album, but at the same time, I am also completely overwhelmed by the support of my friends and family and terrific bandmates Chris and Mike. Besides for a couple of touch-ups to some newly finished songs, we will be taking time out of our busy lives to re-track guitars and bass and vocals in an almost gauntlet-like  fashion that we haven't attempted before, expanding either two or three days sessions two or three times to finalize all recordings. 

Hopefully within those times, we will have plenty of fun things that we are also going to be doing, like recording podcasts, webcasts and probably blooper reels of some kind. Overall, I'm quite happy with the progress we've made as musicians, and it has been quite a learning experience for me and I hope future albums will benefit from this long, long overdue album.

As for news on the Lovecraft side project album, things have been going a little bit slower than predicted due to me writing lyrics (I am not a lyric writer by any means), so I felt it was time to focus more on the lyrics themselves than the actual completion of that particular album because I have all the time the world. But overall, I've got about nine songs that are almost done.

Speaking of all the time in the world, I don't have all the time in the world. My wife is due July 19th and we are expecting a baby boy, as I've already stated in previous blog entries. I can't fully express my excitement over all of these beautiful things happening around me. I mean, there's plenty of that stuff, but I believe that with all the unbelievably great things that are happening in all of our lives, it far surpasses the bad. Although it was very hard to get to this point, the past four years of my life has been very beautiful.

I've Got Wood!

Well, look at me. With another blog post. Here goes nothing..

Today is Wednesday - music day - and I'm super excited because I'm sure Chris has stories to share from his recent trip to California, as well as getting closer to that final deadline day! I also believe that we have a couple new songs for our 2nd album that didn't quite make the cut for the first one (as far as vibe goes), but could most definitely be on the 2nd one.

And it's warm again! Gonna be in the 60s again, so I'm also super excited for a new summer of guitar-builds and mod ideas I have in the works for my guitars and basses. I've already started working on some with my new set of rasps and files, which now i feel are indispensable as far as tools go for woodworking. I hope to be setting up a progress journal in the near future to show all my achievements and mistakes on these builds so I can benefit from my early wood-working mistakes! 

Unfortunately, my descent into making a cool midi controller that I brought up in my previous blog post has to go on the back burner for now (due to financial constraints and time), but that just frees up my time more for music, woodworking, a new baby on the way and oh, my god! I'm having a panic attack! Too much stuff!

Winter, Be Gone!

February is almost over and let me just say: I NEED TO BE WARMER!

This winter has been kinda dragging. One big snow, I get to play with my kid - That's it! NO MORE SNOW, I SAY! 

This month, regardless of my bane for cold, I feel has been rather interesting and productive. 

I started getting into do-it-yourself midi controllers and how to build them because of my everpresent fear of not having enough physical sliders during mixing (I have enough, but I need more buttons!). So hopefully, through my salvaging of old electronic components, I'll be able to  share some prototypes or mock-ups of my progress. 

I've also started researching new components to upgrade some of my guitar builds (that haven't been completed due to cold weather), such as a neutral 1/4” locking jack, because Chris has one on his 5 string bass and because *he* has one...*I* need one. And because it's a pretty solid component. Hopefully, when it gets warm, I'll have a build to put up. But for now, I'll just keep you updated on the parts as i get them..

Also, as you might have read in a previous post, my lovely wife Elisa is with child, and the first week of March is when we get to find out the gender of the child! Super excited for that!!! Mostly so I can start buying cute baby clothes.

Now, onto the music side of life.. Koraki, my Lovecraft-themed black-metal project, is going smooth - just a lot of working on drum programming and 7 string goodness.

As for Carry Grant, we have about 3 new songs in the works, which makes me happy. We're back into the process of making songs at a steady pace, but I must remind myself to stay focused.. Because I set a deadline, and I plan to get this done.

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen.

Hello, everyone! Who's ready for the most intense post ever???

Here it goes….


See?? Me and my family are having a baby, and I'm very excited! Ahhh, yeah! I had sex with a woman!

Other than that, life's been pretty hectic due to working getting more art work done..


.. as well as me getting my first 7-string guitar, which will bring new sonic possibilities to the future of Buzzinfront Productions. 


New guitar! New Baby! Cage match!!! Who will survive??

Sights & Sounds.

My First Blog post - 

Well, let's start off with saying I'm not good at the internet. As far as writing my own ideas down publicly, that requires a second hand to view & correct grammatical errors and punctuation due to the fact that I tend to rant on for hours.

(This is me in person: pretty much a barrage of nonsensical ideas and comments that somehow, in my head, seem relevant to yet another topic that has nothing to do with the previous one)

I see that Chris has put up a bit of a personal background, so I believe it's only fair to attempt to write one as well.

Since my early childhood, I've been fascinated by sounds and visual imagery. I can remember clearly at the age of 5 playing video games (like Castlevania and Mega-Man), sitting on my knees, a foot away from the television, humming and mimicking all the sights and sounds I could.

(I still do that)

Games weren't the only thing, though. From listening to the radio in my moms car and watching old horror movies and slasher films, that's what I did.

After 28 years, I've come to realize that it's more of a fixation on mood and atmosphere - of how different chord structures and notes and sounds themselves can portray and tell a story about almost anything.

Regardless, I've been playing guitar for about 14 years and have only been in 2 "bands." One was with Chris, in high school (it was more of an idea that never came to fruition. The Fallen, which later fell under the name X), and the other is Carry Grant.

I really got into really writing my own music around 2005, after I got out of rehab (alcohol's a hell of a drug!). Me and Mike were always playing with the idea of having our own band since we met in 2001 (I think one of the band names was Mirrors and Music Boxes. I still have a horrible logo drawing from high school of that). We instantly became soul-mates (I hope my wife doesn't read this).

Like I said, I ramble, so I'll get to the point.

I went to college and graduated with a bachelor in fine arts (emphasis on digital sculpting and animation), all the while compiling songs that I made for my own projects throughout school. After school, I really started to take off as far as mixing and engineering goes, as well as digital sculptures. Soon after graduating, Mike and I periodically talked about old ideas we wanted to work on and goals we had. This eventually took spark and began me feverishly recording ideas and riffs to see what sounds we could use to block out some songs.

Eventually, we had some rough ideas (I thought that they were done and completed). Then Mike extended his hand to Chris to see if he wanted to play with us and hear the ideas.

Now, I'll admit I was extremely intimidated due to Chris being in so many bands, and me having just recorded ideas and songs by myself.

Previously, every time I jammed with Chris, I would usually start off with some random thing I was messing with the day before and, just like that, he would pick up the idea and make it something completely different and amazing. His ability to amplify emotion through his playing style never ceases to amaze me.

For instance, I'll  be stuck on a riff and have no idea where it's going or even if we're gonna use it. Then I toss it over to Chris who comes up with a line that gives me chills just listening to it, and I just have to nod and smile while holding back joyous laughter at how simply he changed the overall feel of the song.

Chris truly made the idea of the band complete and I really couldn't fathom not having him around as a band mate, or as one of my best friends.

So, yeah. This is getting long. I should probably save some of this for a later date.

As Chris and Mike were previously stating in the blog, we've all been pretty bogged down with work/life and that we all need to get back into gear.

This post is me saying I'm ready to not let anything get in the way of this.