The Worst Movie Ever.

We've all seen it. Because it's not really just *one* movie, it's whatever it ends up being at that time in your life. A lot of people say The Room is the worst movie ever, but most people seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Everyone's got their own opinion as to what the worst movie is. As of last nite, I've thrown a movie I'd never even heard of before into the number one spot.

The movie is called The Last Godfather.  It's a South Korean comedy from 2010 starring Harvey Keitel, Jon Polito & Jason Mewes.

When I recorded it on the ol' dvr, I'd done so just because of the IMDB description of the plot, which is -  "A Mafia boss trains his mentally impaired son as his successor."

Meanwhile, after the first 10-ish minutes of it, I realized it was not the movie I thought it was gonna be. I thought Mewes would be the mentally challenged kid learning the ropes. When it turned out to be an asian dude as old as Harvey Keitel, I had to Google the film and see what Wikipedia had on it. It was then that I found out it was a South Korean film, and the Wikipedia plot was written as -  "Yong-gu (Shim Hyung-rae) is the illegitimate child of the infamous mafia boss Don Carini (Harvey Keitel), who operates out of New York. Carini shocks everyone by stating that he wants Yong-gu to take over the operation, something that seems to be a bad choice when the man in question shows himself to be a poor candidate to be a mafia don."

The tone of the movie is so bizarre. It's like a slapstick comedy, but it's not even funny. Everything about it is just so absurd that I can't wrap my head around how the movie even got made. 

.. Someone watch it and be miserable with me.