The Battle Of Bill Buzzinfront.

things are slow-going on the music front. we haven't been getting together as often as we were for a little while there. which is fine, cuz work and life, etc.

but, we decided to completely redo one of the originals..! thats kind of scary, because if im not mistaken, thats the first track that chris put bass to when we all met up for the first time in, what, 5..? 6 years, maybe?

so, we've been in the 'finishing touches' stage of the music for a while, but then when we listen to it all together, this track kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. so it seems to be less 'finishing touches' and more 'lets do more gooder because obvz u guyz.'

so - the ballad of bill buzzinfront. it shall see a new life in a way thats more cohesive with the rest of the album.

as for the battle of bill buzzinfront? thats a track for the next album.  

.. and what we're going thru right now because obvz u guyz.