Album Review - Twiztid - Generation Nightmare

ive never really reviewed an album before, so, this is going to be a simple good/bad type thing, with general thoughts. fuck all the outlets that review albums like theyve made something better on their own.

buncha idiots. 


the album, generation nightmare, came out exactly one month ago, and i have listened to it a buuunch since then. probably 50 times? i generally try to keep up with the things twiztid does, because i like their writing & rapping style. some shit hits, some shit misses. this one happened to hit. 

live forever - a pretty simple intro track, repeating the same chorus with a shared verse from jamie/mono. dug the music right off the bat and got me in the mood for the album. always a plus!

phlegm in the windpipe - fuckin a, this song rocks. hard. instantly had me on board for the rest of the album. the energy in their verses match the energy of the music, which is often a miss for rappers when they go with a rock song.

speak of - the chorus took a while for me to get into, but, the rest of the song was good from the first listen. i always appreciate when they throw in some 'real' shit when they write, whether it be about depression or anxiety. 

something new - such a weird song. weird good. but, weird. it only makes sense in my brain, but, its almost tub ring-esque with how the beat changes in this song. 

siamese amazement - back to the rock shit, but in a cool/different way. almost industrial or punk or something. the chorus of repeating 'fuck them all' and then 'fuck you too' is kinda played out, but, it still works in this fashion. fuckin good song.

sick mind - its usually between this song and the last one that i realize how fucking good the production is on this album. this is just a solid track. nothing more to say about it.

here with the dead - very good track with a classic twiztid feel to it. plenty of people wanna say its a diss to icp, but, they say that about fucking everything since twiztid left psychopathix records. 

disappear - nothing special about this song, but its not bad. i usually skip this middle chunk of the album to get to the better stuff.  

bring me back - the music is pretty great, the lyrics are kinda whatever, but they make it sound cool with plenty of effects outside of the verses. 

magic spellz - i hate the intro just because the lyrics 'what i feel lately are 50 shades of hate me' make me cringe. but, fuck it - skip to madroxs verse. so fuckin worth it. 

livin @ the bottom - did not care for this song at all when they released it ahead of the album. still not the biggest fan, but ive gotten into the music for it. 

skit 17 - again, people think its an icp diss. dont know how. its a nice refresher for the album tho. good track. 

let it flow - another one that usually gets skipped. not bad, it just doesnt do much for me. 

dont be hatin - similar to let it flow. its whatever. dont care for young wickeds verse on it. 

role models - a good track, taking down celebrities who have done horrible thing, but, i dont listen to this one every time. still - worth a listen. quit worshipping celebs! 

wreck - another rock song. maybe the weakest one of the bunch, but just because the others rock harder. the actual music is pretty good quality. 

if it doesnt matter what i think now - this has become one of my favorites the more i listen to it.  the lyrics, the music, the way its sung, all of it is good. the 'romantic' in me likes to thik that *this* song is more about icp than the other diss ones.

4 the nightmare children - heres another one im kinda 'meh' on. the album coulda ended on the last track and i woulda been okay with it. the chorus os better than the verses, i think. 

the end of the beginning - kind of an intro for the last song, which is whatever. twiztid is good at making shit sound creepy tho. 

v5 - strike - im not sure what this is, because ive heard that the 5 people on this track are gonna make a group called the venomous 5, so im not sure if this is just a preview track of things to come. but, its not bad. would be okay with this group. 

regardless of all that - i want a new fuckin hok album, you guys.