Some Choices Are Not Yours To Make!

i just got back from johns place a little while ago. i have since drinken a bottle of water, made a thousand pizza rolls, fast forwarded thru a terrible movie (i think it was called ‘the x from outer space’ or something — its a fucking criterion collection film, but, man, it was nottt good).

and now?

i am watching ‘the brain that wouldnt die’ — every so often i’ll just go thru the movie channels on our box and check whats playing until the guide ends a week or two later. usually, the best sounding films are on turner classic movies. this one has the summary of, from 1962, ‘a surgeon tapes his fiancees mouth shut and prepares to put her head on a models body’

.. now doesnt that just sound like a great old film to watch? you know the actings gonna be bad, whether overdramatic or just badly played, a movie with such an epic description is going. to. be. bad.

anyways - man, i really gotta start writing.

the music for this album of ours is literallyyyyyy almost done. not sure whats coming next, but, goddammit, am i scared!