We Will Never Forget.

To honor the lives of those we lost on September 11th?

To choose to be “patriotic” on those few certain days of the year?

To continue to be racist against any person whose religion may happen to be Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Baha’i or any other religion some people in the Southern Asia region may be?

To be forced to question whether or own government, people we’re supposed to trust to have our best interest, had any part of what happened to the Twin Towers?

To remember that we are and always will be a country divided?

To remember that we, as a people, are just too fucking thick-headed and ignorant to believe anything other than our own opinions?

To do anything publicly, other than be kind to one another - daily - not just on a day of a national tragedy, is just pointless.

Honor those who were victims of the attacks all you want. Continue to pray for their families and mourn for their loss. Feel free to keep anyone in your thoughts and prayers.

But you don’t need to fight over it. There’s no need to jam it down peoples throats. Live your own life and stop trying to control others’. Get offline for a while. Almost none of these arguments happen in person, in real life.

So…try enjoying that for a while?