Episode Twenty-Five - Time Doesn't Matter

Mike is sick. Chris and him discuss the road trip a little bit more, some Carry Grant talk, and then discuss Chris' history of playing live shows in his various previous bands. While talking about live shows, Mike tries to remember everything on his calendar coming up in the next few months.

Episode Twenty-Three - Power Lines!

Chris and Mike sit down for the first time in Chris' new apartment to record. Picking up kind of mid-conversation, they discuss the idea of a road trip in a month or so, then go through some news - Both in their personal lives and in the world.

There is the hum of an air conditioner in the background. It's not the worst thing ever. I swear.

Episode Twenty-Two - One Year-Long Vanilla Sky

For their one-year anniversary, Chris and Mike decide to sit down and take in a film they both love - Vanilla Sky. Add to it that they're drinking and it makes for a good time. That is, of course, until Chris gets drunk, and then he gets quiet. So, what starts off with plenty of talking with some quiet film in the background, the tables turn and the film takes over.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch Vanilla Sky with us. And then fall asleep, just like us.

Episode Twenty - I Take It Back.

Mike is still very much in love with Amanda Palmer and Chris tries his best to feign interest. But in between, there's some talk of pre-internet entertainment. Mike used to hang out at the cemetery. We call it the 'tery. Chris goes finger-deep into some buttons, all for the possibility of having a sex robot.

Episode Nineteen - Best Podcast Yet

Chris is about to head out to California for a spiritual retreat, and Mike tries to understand the meaning of it all by likening it to the only subject he's truly familiar with - Pornography. A momentary glimpse into the ghost of Plague-Round past as they pull up an article just to keep the conversation going. Chris is amused by the things Mike says when he rants.

Episode Sixteen - Curry Grunts

In a secretly recorded "pre-game" kind of meeting, the boys sit down together and batten down the hatches. Another boring piece of business, but, it's also just kind of for us to remember these times. It's fun to detail the process of all this stuff.

A One-Off Podcast, Called "Spun."

Recently, I was talking to my brother about doing a podcast. We agreed that one of us would bring in a record to work, we'd listen to it after we closed, and then we'd talk about it afterwards, and *that's* what we'd record. So, after we closed, we listened to Hunky Dory by David Bowie. A coworker of ours, Alex, decided to hang out and read comics on his tablet while we listened to the record. When we sat down to talk about it, somehow the conversation just...never got there. You'll hear us - mostly me - trying to steer the conversation towards the record, or Bowie himself, but Alex talks about other things and we just get lost in his stories of a life neither of us would ever have lived. 

So, the original idea of the podcast got trashed shortly after we finished recording, and we decided that - for entertainments sake - we'd just record things similar to what you'll hear below.

Hopefully we get some more of these down, because it was actually pretty fun.

Episode Fourteen - We Ain't Scientists!

Finally, Chris and Mike get the often-heard-about-but-rarely-heard John on the show! The Tripod, in all of their glory. They don't really get to much of a "show," because a lot of it is just John introducing himself and then a lot of parts of inside jokes. So, enjoy some idiotic laughter between three friends who've secretly been in love with each other for just over a decade.

Episode Eleven - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Chris and Mike check in for a little bit to discuss the future of the podcast. They manage to cover Mikes recent trip to New York and his love of all things Amanda Palmer, and also the This Town Needs Guns show that Chris, Mike and John went to. They really need to step their game up for Carry Grant if this thing's ever going to get finished.

Episode Ten - #SacredAnal

Chris sits down with Mike this week to talk about the concert they went to together. The artist? The Insane Clown Posse. Something Mike thought he'd never see. Chris...at an ICP show. Ridiculous. After telling the tale of going from Chicago to Milwaukee and seeing "The Wicked Clowns" in their natural habitat, Mike tells Chris about how he hit a child while he was at work. He totally swears it was an accident though. If that counts for anything.

Episode Nine - Señor Sacredanal

In what can only be considered a strange decision by acknowledging a transition (holy christ, try saying that sentence three times fast), Chris and Mike choose not to take it laying down, even if that's their choice in other areas of their lives. Mike also lets Chris know about "Wadzilla," a short film that one of his friends told him to check out.

Basically - This is just a PSA that leads into the new lack-of-format format.

Episode Eight - May God Be With You

In what has been internally called "The Disaster Pod," Chris and Mike sit down again to pick through some headlines, but decide that this will be the last time they do so. Not only did they discover that the Huffington Post Weird News section decided to start their own podcast - effectively ruining the format for this podcast - but they also decided that it's probably for the best. After running through the most expensive burger in the world, an arrest over food being mistaken for drugs and a man who mopped over a womans shoes. It all ended marvelously when Chris got a phone call from their friend John (who was never told he was on speaker phone, or that he was being recorded).

Onto bigger and better things!